Feast for a Bee-121/365

The magnolia tree is out in full bloom and the bees are busy gathering the pollen. They barely took any notice of me hovering over the blooms as they foraged between these anemone-like centres of the flowers. Take all you can carry, little bees, these flowers last only a very short time! (I wonder what magnolia honey might taste like?) The perfume is almost overpowering, with such a large tree so full of flowers.

This is a Bumblebee (Patience Pays Off) (115/365)

Today I tried another tactic: I just sat there, in the patch of periwinkle flowers with the camera ready and waited. I hoped that at some point one or more of these little creatures would come within range of my lens. As I was already sitting there, I would already be at the right level and would just need to focus wherever they were. The light kept changing from brilliant sun to shadow as the sun came and went behind the clouds, so I switched from manual to AV and let the camera do the adjustments on the fly (get it? ­čśë )

So my patience paid off. I love the way the fur on his little back is so neatly combed. I chose this one for this reason, while another I took showed amazing long hairs on little legs that you can't see at this angle. How shiny his legs are. 

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