Yellow Crocus

Yellow Crocus
Yellow Crocus

We are having to dash to catch the last of the crocuses (crocus or croci) as they are fast beginning to fall over and leave us to the later Spring flower arrivals. I spotted this grouping on a residential Halifax street the other day, in someone’s front garden – when we were still able to go into the city. They were also beginning to die back, but there was something that really appealed to me about the leaves criss crossing in front of them and the bright yellow of the younger flowers, with the darker orange dying ones among them. I hope this splash of bright orange and yellow cheers your day and that you have some beauty around you today in something you see or do. My taxes will soon be done and that will be a great day of release for me! Then it will be time to get out into the garden to see what needs to be done there. Hugs to all. A Flower a Day #227

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  1. Like a lovely sunset, your bowed crocus is deserving of a poem. This is by Wendy Macdonald: “May we be as brave and bold, to continue to grow, as the crocus who has endured both cold and snow”. And if I may add….to herald the spring and then to fade, it’s job is done and so now, to go. Yours is a modest group of croci, Ellie, choosing to lie down gently among the grasses and so to bow out gracefully. Yet another lesson to learn from this dear flower. Thank you, Ellie.

    1. It is a dear flower and you and Wendy have done it credit with that lovely poem and your addition. There are lessons for us everywhere it seems. We just have to take note of them. Thanks again, Janet.

  2. That is lovely Ellie. The yellow the orange contrasting leaves. They look like they have stripes in them. So even the different colors in the leaves are quite unique. Thanks again for sharing hope all goes well today hugs back at you

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