Isn’t this little flower a beauty? I photographed this on the edge of an industrial park, while Steven was in a business there, but I don’t think the location matters as long as I photograph it and you get to enjoy it. I must be a little shutter happy as when I see lovely flowers of whatever size, colour, type and wherever they are, I grab them for later. The trick is in seeing, which involves actively looking for them (and of course having the camera with me). I had to balance on a stone ledge that was wobbly, as the flower was just down the bank leading to a stream. I suppose this is a little like our moments of joy, come to think of it. At times it is so easy to focus on the frustrations and wobbly moments and to let the good around us pass without appreciation. Turning it around so that instead those good moments become the main focus will push those other annoyances farther into the background. I know that sounds trite and is easier said than done. But it’s worth a try, to see how it can change our perspective on the day. View all posts on the Home page.  A Flower a Day #397 

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