Where to Put it All?: 'Snowva Scotia is closed until Further Notice

A very snowy scene of high snow banks on the left, thick snow in the dip between and a high bank beginning to be built on the right side. A green tractor, looking very small is in lowest part, still on top of snow, with a bucket pushing snow up to the right snow bank. The left snowbank is about 4 times the height of the tractor with the man sitting on it. There are large trees to left and right.

So now we don’t have anywhere else to put the snow, except to start filling up the parking area by the studio. But this was from yesterday’s storm. What to do with what is expected on Saturday and into Sunday? There are more severe weather warnings.

Bus service is suspended in Halifax until further notice. There is a parking ban in place so, if there is no bus and you can’t park, I guess everything will stay closed. I was advised by a recorded telephone message just now that fuel delivery in our area is being restricted to emergency locations, such as hospitals. So the empty propane tanks in the workshop will remain empty.

On another note, Future Shop is to close in New Minas permanently tomorrow night. If a store closes but there is no one there to notice as it was closed due to the weather anyway, does it still count as a closing down?


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  1. I think Steve just needs a bigger tractor. Bigger machinery, it's mans ultimate answer for everything. Go for an autonomous one next time. Perhaps with a big flame thrower. Yup, that's the solution.

  2. +Rosie Nixon
    To be fair, were have lived here now for 18 years and have never had a winter like this. It broke all records weeks ago.
    Yesterday we watched a news report of a 'snow storm'in New York that caused the most amazing fuss last week. First of all it fell on what was already bare ground. Second, about 1 or 2 inches of wet snow fell. You could have easily driven over it. It melted probably within hours. We thought that news report was a spoof. What were they complaining about?
    Some roads here are still not plowed from the last storm on Saturday night and Sunday when we got another 6 or 8 inches. It's basically too much for a plow to just drive through. It all (in many places) has to be lifted, scoop by huge scoop and dumped on top of what is already 15 foot high snow banks. So it's a slow process.

  3. i dont say any thing to her i write it on wrong post may be .ok thanks wish u all good luck and happy life with good times have fun .

  4. my prayers and love all your stories dont worry be happy sun will melt all the ice soon and then there was flowers and green again .

  5. +M jo nice to see you again and thank you.
    It would be hard to imagine that this is the exact spot where I put my little golden horse to take the photograph, in the autumn all that time ago. It looks completely different

  6. +Elaine o'neill LOL – I don't knock the Ontarians. Many of my good friends live there. On top of that, I lived there for a year after leaving Montreal, so I know that if we are counting Eastern non wimps we can certainly count Ontario the province as well as Quebec. Toronto is a world unto itself, however. 😀

  7. +Jamie White I saw that you had some terrible stuff too! I wish it had been a bit warm here to start to shift it. But so far not. It has to happen.
    We will be down in Maine in September, that great Canadian season of "winter's coming". (We only have two, I have been told: Winter and Winter's Coming!)

  8. +Elaine o'neill We're just digging ourselves out. I heard that the city of Halifax has asked its citizens to dig out in front of their own houses. An old 85 year old said he had been digging all day. Poor guy. He's lucky he didn't have a heart attack!
    That was Toronto, so I will say no more Elaine 😉

  9. +Giselle Savoie I hope it melts gently, not too quickly for sure. The funny thing was that we were planning to try to tap our big maple trees this year. They have 10 foot drifts around them as you see on the left of the picture. So we wouldn't be able to reach the taps once the snow melted! LOL.

  10. Steve is heading out on the road now, on his way into the city, +Ursula Klepper – he will tell me what they are like. We are not in a very remote area. We just have had continual storms since January 28, so that's a lot of snow that has accumulated. On top of that it has never got above zero really, so although it has time to settle a bit in between storms, it just has to be piled higher and higher. More due tomorrow. Yikes.
    We have plenty of food and wood for heat and power is on 😀

  11. +Elizabeth Lund Well a trip down there sounds wonderful! I think the airport is possibly open now… we'll be right down! 😉
    Battening down the hatches for tomorrow, although it is lovely today. It's supposed to reach almost up to the freezing point today. It's beautiful and sunny at least. 😀

  12. +Lynn David Newton Now youère you are talking. (Oh well, it seems to be my computer acting up and not giving me apostrophes. It makes me sound so formal. So I had better apologise to the staff at Google and restart the computer as it is clearly Microsoft staff who have dropped the ball in this instance.)

  13. +Hugo Burnham You made me laugh out loud! But that snow would affect the lovely Helen too, or don't you love her any more (my computer has stopped making question marks, so I canèt make them – you see itès also stopped making apostrophes – but it is a question.)
    Actually itès not my computer, itès Chrome, so I had better restart the browser. Google staff seem to make lots of good stuff but when it breaks down it seems to stay broken.

  14. This tractor looks like a miniature tractor between theses snow mountains! All that sounds not good, are the roads after all drivable? you seem to be really isolated, I hope the power will not break and you can keep warm, and you have enough provisions!!

  15. I think you need a trip to warmer and non-snow areas, like New Mexico and bring Joni . . . oh wait, never mind I suppose that the airport is also closed 🙁
    Well, see you all when the snow melts and hope you are well stocked with food . . . especially since that store is closing, even if no one is around to notice 😛

  16. +Liz C you'd think so, I know. But the trouble is that with everything shutting down after so many weeks of this, the economy would be in an even worse state as ours is getting.
    But I'll do my best to blow it down and over your way. You're welcome to as much as you need.

  17. You're not referring to the 'county' that recently suffered spot floods, obviously, +Hugo Burnham
    Tell me where and I'll start putting it all into boxes for shipping when the airport is open again. Maybe sea mail would be better. Cheaper certainly.

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