Thyme. We never seem to have enough! I know, I know… apologies for the pun, but I couldn’t resist. These tiny little flowers have spilled over onto my path and form a colourful and sweet smelling carpet on the paving stones. And of course the bees love them too. They don’t seem to mind the occasional footfall and the lovely herby aroma that drifts up when we step on them makes me want to sprinkle them on everything. And why not? That’s one reason why we grow them – for ourselves to cook with and sprinkle on salads, not only for the bees and insects to enjoy. Hugs to all today! Flower a Day #321   

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  1. Thyme is one of those amazing herbs, not just an incredible edible but of medicinal, nutritional and culinary benefits too numerous to go into here. Every part of the plant can be used from the leaves for tea and seasoning, to the flowers for additional taste to other foods, to the oils for soothing balms and other treatments and on it goes. What’s not to like about Thyme? Even its flowers are cute as can be, perky and fragrant when trod upon. Thank you, Ellie, for this ‘thyme-less’ (sorry) addition.

  2. Thanks again Ellie they are lovely. I have to agree they make a beautiful carpet. And also I love the smell either when you step on them or just rub your hand over them.

    1. Absolutely, Linda! I almost hate to step on it, but when I do they seem to recover with no ill effects. But rubbing your hand over them is the answer, just be careful of bees!

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