Tall Coneflower

Tall Coneflower, rudbeckia
Tall (green headed) Coneflower, rudbeckia laciniata

Coneflower MKII today, this time a brilliant yellow one, the rudbeckia laciniata or green-headed coneflower, most of whose flowers reached over my head. I was glad to find one at a height that I could actually photograph, unlike yesterday’s where I was able to look down and right into the beautiful centre. This one looks so different that I double checked the name, so I am pretty sure this is correct (though of course I have been wrong before…). This is growing in a garden we pass on our walk, where we often stop to speak to the owner. He was a little surprised that I was waiting for this to bloom to take a photograph, but knows me as a crazy person photographing everything that grows. These are right over the spot where grows the trillium I featured a few weeks back. If you needed a pick-me-up today, I hope this does it for you. View all posts on the Home page A Flower a Day #341

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  1. No wonder it was as tall as you. This is an invasive species which does what it wants and doesn’t care where it grows and produces multitudinous seeds to ensure it will continue to capture your attention. But do we care?! Not when it’s also spreading glee and sunshine all summer long. Thanks for these rays of joy, Ellie.

    1. Ha ha ha! I had a feeling it might be invasive when the home owner didn’t seem to have any idea as to how it got there! But he also seems to like the sunshine and pretty blooms, so as long as he keeps it there (and it’s quite a way from my home – around 3 km) I am happy for him to have it so I can enjoy it in passing.
      Thanks Janet.

  2. Good morning Ellie. Thank you very much for that bright sunny flower. It certainly is a pick me up. Hopefully that sun will appear in the sky later today. Hope you have a great day. Hugs to you and Steve

    1. It turned out that this was an excellent day to share a bit of sun. And it seems as if it might be bringing us a bit for later. Thanks Linda.

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