Sweet William

Sweet William, Diathus
Sweet William, Dianthus

I remember taking some photographs on my 2020 Flower a Day project really well. This lone Sweet William is one of those. As I post my first photograph with 2021 marked on it, this lonely but beautiful little Dianthus seems appropriate. I had seen a picture of him on a friend’s IG feed and asked if I could go over to his property to see what other flowers were there for me to photograph. He said he would not be there but gave me (very vague) directions as to where to find the different ones in his neighbour’s field. I found a few, notably and the most exciting for me was the pearly everlasting one I posted in October. But I searched high and low for this little one. I went over that field time and again and finally came across it, hidden deep in some grasses. When I put in extra effort to find something, I always feel a great sense of achievement, no matter how small the triumph! So here is my start to the new calendar year. A small triumph. May your day and the months ahead be full of such small triumphs. To view the info and gallery…

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  1. It’s a PFD! (pink flower day, in case you’ve forgotten what that stands for) and when I saw the title, before viewing the photo, it immediately made me think of my dad who was a sweet William, to me. So, already before laying eyes on this dear brave soul, I was enamoured. Can’t think of a better way to start the day, the month and the new year. Thank you, dear Ellie.

    1. I would not forget what PFD stands for (at least I won’t now!! 😉 ) And I am so glad that this little fellow spoke to you in such a personal way. Thank you so much for that thought, Janet. I can still see your dad and agree that he was a lovely sweet human being. Take care my friend.

  2. Thank you very much Ellie. Love that little flower. Bright colours, the designs in it. Beautiful thanks for sharing hope you have a great day.

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