Summer Lavender

Lavender in Summer
Lavender in Summer

Look what I found! I thought that I had not taken a photo of my lavender in bloom for my Flower a Day project, but I discovered that I had! If this doesn’t bring back to you that lazy, heady, aromatic warmth of a bee buzzing summer day then I don’t know what will! As we are heading so quickly into the serious dark season, let’s not forget those times and hang onto the memories until they come again. Because they will. Have a lovely day, my friends.

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  1. And you caught the bee to prove it. Well done! When I think of lavender I think of France; I think of those little sachets my mother put in her lingerie drawer: and the essence of lavender drops that some people massage into their temples to ease a headache. But as you’ve shown, Ellie, lavender grows here in Canada. In fact, just outside my hometown, there is a lavender farm with those iconic fields of purple waving in the summer breeze, filling the air with that luscious smell. The single sprig may not be so impressive but lavender collectively is a powerhouse that seduces and soothes the senses – the essence of summer. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much for that lovely comment, Janet. We all need the soothing of senses that it brings, more at some times than others. But it is always welcome.


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