Sow thistle with bee
Sowthistle with bee

Just as a total surprise for our Flower a Day today, here is a photograph actually taken yesterday! And I’m sticking with bees. It was really warm and even the bees were out and buzzing around the few flowers still left from the hard frosts, as this photograph shows. Sowthistle is an ugly name for such a lovely sunny flower. It doesn’t matter what it’s named, it obviously is as attractive to this little fellow as it is to us. I wish you all a sunny, warm day. If the weather is contrary, then I hope this flower brings that sun and warmth to your hearts anyway.

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  1. How can this bee not bee attracted to this bright member of the aster family?! Another WWAD! Hooray! With its sunny disposition and outstretched welcome, spreading love and best wishes to all who are lucky enough to see it, how can one not bee drawn to it? I personally thank you, Ellie, for sending it my way where the skies are cloudy today. Bees are so smart, aren’t they?

    1. I was hoping to slide this Aster under the radar, but you caught me, Janet! It seems almost every flower we see is a member of that family! Who would have thought? So, happy WWAD to you! I hope this flower convinces the sun to come out for you as it has for us today. (Yes, they are very clever, bees. Love them. )


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