Snow January 2021

Across the bridge
Across the bridge

Sometimes the snow falls straight down and sticks. It sticks to everything and what it clings to just hangs there, with no wind to knock it to the ground. This snowfall was just like that. Still, peaceful and quiet. The bushes to either side of this little footbridge near our house hung so low with the weight of it that I had to almost crawl underneath. I really didn’t want to disturb the scene, it had such a peaceful feel about it. Walks like this are so rare. I wanted to share part of this one.

Outside the window
Outside the window

Early the next morning the snow was still clinging to all of the branches. This snow-covered lilac bush outside my window had such lovely clean lines of white and brown. By the afternoon it had fallen off.

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  1. Ellie now you have my attention … as much as I love your flowers to start the day I feel to wake up to this I would be in heaven . No I would not like to have to shovel my way out the back door but I still love it … magic … sunny sunny here in Oz but just starting to get cooler ….

    1. Oh yes! Now I can look at that and remember those snowy days fondly as they are probably gone (for the most part) for another 6 or 7 months. But I am looking forward more now to the long days of heat – but maybe less so the blackflies and then mosquitos and ticks that are part and parcel of that. No season is perfect. I’m glad you liked the snow, though, Len. Thanks!

  2. These are lovely! It’s the kind of snow that has greeted me this morning. On spruce trees, I think of it as “marshmallow “ snow, especially when it’s on the spruce trees.

    1. Thanks so much, Kathy! Marshmallow? Perfect! Maybe we’ll have the same again tomorrow, as the forecast is for snow. Perhaps you sent it to us?

  3. Thanks Ellie I love those kind of snows. Like you say it’s so peaceful it’s amazing how the snow can cling to the trees. Make everything look so calm and clean. Thanks again for sharing

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