A hardware store seems hardly the place to find such a wonderfully delicate bloom for today’s A Flower a Day. But that’s exactly where this lovely plant was sitting, next to the snowblowers, generators, bags of rock salt and racks of workshop tools. It pays to keep your eyes open for the beauty to be found in unusual and mundane situations. Who would have thought? It reminds me of lyrics from the Leonard Cohen song ”Suzanne” – “She shows you where to look among the garbage and the flowers”… I must remember this when I take my camera on my walk today. Because you never know.

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  1. Wings of gossamer, fairy wings, angel wings – all first impressions and then you start noticing the details. The delicate and infinitely fine pistils and stamen reaching out from the gossamer; the sweet and subtle touches of fuschia and the palest of pink turning to ethereal white; the translucent petals, not round, but pointed. All of it adds up to heavenly pulchritude. I prefer its common name, Christmas Cactus. Thank you, Ellie.

    1. Thank you so much Janet, for this poetic response! I had never seen one of these in white before, so was quite surprised, especially in that environment. I knew the red ones more as Christmas cactus, this also is known as Thanksgiving cactus. Any day cactus works for me, as the name Schlumbergera is really very heavy sounding.

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