Red Chrysanthemums And Friends

Red Chrysanthemums and Friends

Red Chrysanthemums and Friends

There is a privately owned local garden that is open to the public to enjoy, only a short drive from us. It’s on the top of the tall hill referred to here as the “North Mountain”. Don’t mock. We are not blessed with the Rocky Mountains on this side of the country, as our charms are maritime. But we do need our mountains, it seems and so we make ours out of molehills. So we drove up the “mountain” and found this garden and went in and parked. It is beautifully cared for and such a peaceful place to wander around. Something that kept me intrigued for a while was watching the automated lawn mower making its way around the lawns between the flower beds. I guess I am easily amused. Although it is late in the season there are still some flowers to be seen (and photographed), including this patch of red chrysanthemums. I was admiring them, when I noticed these two ‘friends’ quite still, on the top of them. So rather than highlighting one flower as I so often do, I am featuring a landscape view of them with the insects as points of interest. If your life is as exciting as mine you will find such wonderful sights in the most unlikely places. You can click or tap the image above to view in large in the gallery directly now, a new development on my posts. View all posts on the Home page.  A Flower a Day #394 

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