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Steven Kennard playing button accordeon
Steven Kennard playing button accordeon

Steven Kennard is waaaay more than just a pretty face that turns wonderful creations in wood (and takes beautiful photographs). He is also an accomplished musician. Here he was playing his Bertrand Gaillard one row D melodeon, outside in our garden.

This was taken a few years ago and I found it when searching for photographs to be made into a slideshow of him that Canadian Woodworking Magazine is preparing to feature. They wanted to have some photographs showing him relaxing and this seemed a good one to include.

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  1. Thanks +Heiko Mahr – I was pleased with the way it came out. He looks quite mischievous. Which is accurate
    +Rekha Rao – he stays so young by being married to an older woman. That way he always feels young. LOL. Well anyway, he keeps me young.
    +William McLean – no recordings, but he was a musician when we met. Professional at the time.  

  2. Thanks a lot +Ursula Klepper – I'm glad you like it. And as to hearing it, you know how you will do that! 😉

    And I know it +Gina Beck 🙂

    Thanks a lot +Irene Shettle – it's good to see you.

    I am not sure of the tint, as it was processed a few years ago in an older version of Lightroom, +Lynn David Newton – I left it as I liked the slightly warm tone. I'm glad you like the composition. Thanks.

    I have limits to what I will go through, +Steven Kennard 

    As you describe him is how he is, for sure, +Rosemary Phang – thanks.

    Thanks a lot +Turtle Mull 

    Thanks very much +Sumit Sen 

    We have whistles, guitar, violin, clarinet (somewhere), tambourine, bodhran. Any of those suit +Alex Lapidus ?

    Thanks +Robt. J. Moore II – I think I do. 😀

    LOL +Phil Schappert – love the gentleman piper description. 😀

  3. A gentleman piper is a man who owns pipes but doesn't play them. I've always thought this applied to banjo and accordion players, too (though maybe I'd have a different opinion if those instruments were not all the loudest ones!). Nice photo, Ellie.

  4. Terrific picture! Besides the personable expression, I love the composition, Steve's lean mirroried in the stretch of the melodeon. I also love black and white, though I can see this is a tint of some sort.

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