Purple and Cream Dahlia

Purple and Cream Dahlia

Purple and Cream Dahlia

I know it was only the other day (and a few days before that) that I shared a dahlia, so I hope you are not all thinking “not another dahlia”. This pretty little thing caught my eye and I simply couldn’t resist it. The colours are so clean and bright, with the freshness of a young flower that will soon open up that purple (or mauve) centre and invite all insects inside! The little one to the left almost seems to be directing us to take a look at the beauty about to unfold. Enjoy the beauty around you, my friends and have a warm hug from both Steven and me. Flower a Day #531 View all posts on the Home page.  

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  1. All eyes on the Dahlia as the dahia does what dahlias do best – look beautiful in all stages of coming and going, definitely a class act. I never tire of admiring a dahlia. Thank you, Ellie, for feeding my proclivity.

    1. I had a feeling you wouldn’t mind a Dalmia day, are you have so often expressed your admiration for these… And as a teaser… Speaking of your proCliviaty… Stay tuned. Thanks again to you, Janet.

  2. Great capture Ellie it is beautiful love the deep purple in the center and yet then the White and the light purple on the outside leaves. And I think the other little guy is directing our attention to that one. Certainly is a bright spot hope we have more today. Hugs back to you and Steve.

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