This white (solo) pelargonium featuring in today’s Flower a Day post was in the same bed as the chrysanthemums from yesterday. I loved how the orange pollen (?) made little dots in the middle of these pristine white petals, all bunched together and raised high above the bed. With this flower I am sending you all my warm hugs and wishes for a lovely Friday.

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  1. My first impression when I opened this post was that sweet little woodland nymphs or faeries were huddling together sharing secrets, a bit like when little girls in the schoolyard sometimes gather to tell stories to each other (in normal times. lol)…or perhaps a flutter of white butterflies gathered to have a drink of water. Just lovely…a balm for weary eyes. Had I to guess, I would have said the pelargonium was a member of the hydrangea family but no, it’s actually a geranium. The little orange pollen droplets are a design bonus. I will carry this vision with me the rest of the day. Thank you, Ellie.

    1. It gives me as much pleasure reading your comments as you say the flower photographs give you. Thank you so much, dear Janet. Yes, they are geraniums, I am also learning so much daily!

  2. Such a beautiful flower so delicate looking and I agree the orange dots really add character. I’m having quite a lesson in the names of these flowers but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to pronounce half of them. Thanks again

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