Pale Scilla

Pale scilla
Pale scilla

At certain times of the year members of the aster family keep turning up and dominating these posts. In the early spring it seems that it is the Scillas that take centre stage repeatedly. It is just as well that I got out to catch them when I did because yesterday, all of a sudden, the brilliant blue carpet I mentioned before is closing up and going back to sleep until next year. The Glory-of-the-Snow that looked as if it had been frosted had, in fact, just decided to do the same (in such a beautiful swan song kind of a way, though, which was why I photographed it at that stage). Today’s photograph is a memory of the fringes of my blue carpet where there were several of a very lovely pale blue striped variety. I hope you all have a day as free from stress as possible. Remember to breathe. And for those of us who are, once again in a lockdown state remember that this, too, will pass. A Flower a Day #228

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  1. Another little one who knows it’s time is drawing nigh but will tough it out to the end, spine straight and head high (well, maybe a little bent at the neck). I admire those who, with little drama, play their part and then quietly exit, stage left. However, they don’t leave unnoticed or without having contributed mightily to the overall effect. For that, they are loved and appreciated. Thank you, Ellie, for observing with these posts.

    1. You are right, Janet and I have been guilty of giving so many of these tiny beauties nothing more than a brief admiring glance. Until, that is, this project made me stop and examine them all more closely. They are all deserving of our attention, just as much as those showy flowers that are so hard to ignore. I’m glad that I am sharing these with you. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks Ellie they are lovely. They are very cheery. I saw some in full bloom on the mountain the other day as they come later up there. The lovely Sun will help cheer is along with you flowers. Thanks again. Hope you have a great day.

    1. Yes, the sun will certainly make everyone feel better, Linda. Taxes done, time to get into the garden. Thanks for the comment, I’m glad if the photos cheer you.

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