My Gift

The Gift - Carnation
My Gift – Carnation

These days we all have to work just that little bit harder to find the joy that might have come so easily to us in the past. We can’t share a laugh (or a tear) over a cup of coffee with friends or family and it seems forever ago that we were able to hug a close friend. Sometimes we feel as if we are living in a smaller and smaller world, moving in ever decreasing circles and losing touch with those who are dear to us, as they also seem to withdraw into themselves. It can be a real effort to reach out, even if it means we have to speak to each other in two dimensions. When I was having my hair cut the other week (such a luxury these days), I asked my hairdresser if she would make my hair look nice for me as I was attending a special meeting that evening. She started to create a beautiful plait at the back of my head until I stopped her. What is the point when no one will ever see anything but the front, on a zoom screen (and maybe not that clearly either)? But the purpose of my project is to find positive notes in our lives through the share of a daily flower photograph. So this post, titled “The Gift” is an example of how simple acts of kindness can lift us out of the doldrums that might threaten to overwhelm us all. The flower you see here was presented as a gift for me from an entirely unexpected source – a perfect stranger – and it lifted my spirits more than I would have thought possible. This single yellow carnation was given to me by the personal shopper who delivered my groceries into the boot of my car in the supermarket parking lot. ‘This is for International Women’s Day’ she said. Now I took no notice of the day, but that simple gesture cheered me beyond belief. And every day since then, every time I see this perfect flower, on my kitchen table, my heart feels a gratitude for that gift. So today I present it to you, so you can share with me in the pleasure I felt. I send it to you all with a virtual hug.

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8 Responses

    1. Indeed, Sonali. I have to agree with you. So I share my gift with you across the miles (or kilometers) my friend. We will get through this.

  1. The Belle of the Ball with her frilly, flowing gown of yellow, draws all to her shining aura, like moths to the flame. Impossible to resist, this is a gift to us all. Thanks so much, Ellie, for sharing it with us.

    1. Thank you Janet. I was really pleased at how lovely a photo this became, from a single bloom. Its gift status enhanced its beauty, I’m convinced of it.

  2. That is beautiful Ellie. Love the way you capture that photo deep concentration in the middle but then the subtle petals on the outside. Yes it will be nice when we can get back to sitting talking without masks, hugging without fears. Was a bright ray of sunshine on such a gloomy day as we’re having today. So a virtual hug back to you as well and then you can give a literal one to Steve for me.

    1. Thank you so much for that lovely comment, Linda. I received the virtual and gave the real hug. Soon, I hope, it will be back to normal. But I am dreaming.

  3. What a gift to celebrate International Women’s Day! Flowers help us feel closer to others.

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