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Today in A Flower a Day you see a dandelion world from the ant’s perspective! This is probably not a dandelion, more likely something called a common cat’s ear, but it seemed the simplest thing to default to how most people, including myself probably think of it. The fisheye effect really highlights the vegetation and ground around this single flower, with others of different stages around the perimeter. I hope this little sunny bloom makes you take a closer look at plant level, next time we actually have something other than snow on the ground! It certainly opened up a whole little world to me at the time and since, as I examine this photograph. Have a lovely day, my friends!

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  1. A bright and sunny yellow and most definitely a dandelion, not a cat’s ear. The differences are subtle, for sure, but definite, most noticeably in the flower head and in the leaves. The cat’s ear flower has more clearly defined petals and broader leaves that are hairy or fuzzy (hence, cat’s ear). A dandelion’s leaves are more sharply toothed. I can see enough of the leaves in this shot to state that this is, in all probability, a dandelion. And as we know from a previous post of yours, dandelions are real gems, both edible and medicinal treats. Thank you, Ellie, for another WWAD.

    1. Thanks so much for clarifying that for me, Janet! I had a feeling it was a dandelion, but I knew that someone (you…) would know for sure. And of course as you said, we both love them for so many reasons! (I have just ordered my wildflower seeds mixes ready to plant the field that has been kindly dug up for me by the raccoons…)

  2. Thanks Ellie I do love the bright color of that flower. And it’s only amplified by the fisheye lens. And all the details of everything around thanks for sharing


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