Michaelmas Daisy

Michaelmas Daisy
Michaelmas Daisy

This was a real surprise in my moderately successful rewilded patch, as it is nothing like the Michaelmas daisies that I remember, and such big blooms compared to so many of the wildflowers that have grown. It certainly brightens the patch up dramatically and obviously attracts beneficial insects, which was, after all, the whole point of the exercise! I hope you all enjoy the sight of this cheery flower with its little visitor today. It comes with a hug on this World Wild Aster Day for each of you! View all posts on the Home page.  A Flower a Day #367

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  1. Who would not be drawn to this most colourful of daisies, with its outstretched arms and bright interior!? So, I am very much with this busy bee for putting in a stop at this bloom, where, I hope, it was richly rewarded with some nice pollen to take with on his travels. So I thank you,Ellie, for causing me to pause to admire this days contribution to WWAD.

  2. I agree Ellie that would be a lovely surprise. Another super colour and intriguing center. Looks much like a sunflower when you zoom in as far as the centre is concerned. Thanks again for that cheerful spot. Hugs back to you and Steve hope you have a great day.

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