This delicate beauty, which I am pretty sure is a marshmallow, was in my neighbour’s garden, just across the road from us. The confection that we associate with this name used to be made from the root of this little plant. If this gives you a little thought of sweetness when you hear the name, perhaps a memory of campfires, I hope it brings a bright moment to your day.

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    1. Thanks Linda. The centre is really lovely, you’re right. It was the only one of these plants with a flower on it, the rest were seed pods like you see behind here. All on the neighbour’s lawn.

  1. Simple and sweet perfection, Ellie. Who knew that those singed marshmallows we ate around our camp fires also produced such beauty. Daily these photos increase my already sizable awe of nature.

    1. I know, it’s crazy to think. But the modern iteration enjoyed around a bonfire is not made from this little beauty. Might be healthier if it were? I learn more every day myself from this project. Thanks Janet.

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