Linden Flowers

Linden Flowers
Linden Flowers

The linden tree, smelling so fragrant and buzzing with bees, is one of my favourite memories of our times in France. Now we have a few of these just next to our barn, planted a few years ago, so I have the same experience to remind me of our time there. The flowers might not look like much, but you can’t tell that to the bees, as at times the tree seems alive with them and with their racket, you almost think there’s an engine rumbling nearby as you walk in the area. So this is today’s happy photo (especially happy if you like bees, though there are none in sight here) is to wish you all a productive day. View all posts on the Home page.  A Flower a Day #366

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  1. The Linden tree, of which I have one in front of my house on town land, may have a lovely fragrance and be a late bloomer, but studies are showing that they may be killing bumblebees. Apparently, the nectar of these innocent-looking blooms have a toxicity which impairs the nervous system of bumblebees. I, for one, will not be planting any Linden trees despite the appeal of their heart-shaped leaves and heady aroma. Perhaps the Lindens in Nova Scotia are a different variety from the bee-killing type here in Ontario. Thank you, Ellie. for raising my awareness to the role of the Linden in the life of a bumblebee.

    1. Thanks Janet. Happily for us and for the bumblebees, the variety we have here is not the silver, or Chinese, both of which are toxic. Ours are also planted on the village land next to our barn, so they were (at the time at least) presumably advised which was the best variety to plant to enhance the environment. It’s good to be aware of these things. There are so many potential pitfalls in gardening, aren’t there?

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