Lily for Trixie

Oriental lily
Oriental Lily

Today’s Flower a Day post is a sad one, as we remember with great love my beautiful mother-in-law, Trixie Kennard who died yesterday. We are so far away from them and it has been so heartbreaking not to be able to be with them when she became sick and during all the time she was ill, when we should have been there to help them both. She loved all flowers, but it was hard to choose one special enough for today’s post. She was simply the most wonderful mother figure to me, showing me great affection from the moment we met. I feel so fortunate to have had this person in my life. I have a kind, caring and loving husband, due in part to her care and love. For that and being able to have a share of Trixie in my life, I will always be grateful. I look forward to seeing her again one day.

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  1. A beautiful flower for a beautiful woman. It is a fitting tribute to Trixie, Ellie. I feel privileged to have met her. My heart goes out to you and Steve at this time, made inifinitely more difficult and sad in that you are unable to be with Steve’s dad. The delicateness and the openness of the lily speaks to the fragility and the bravery of the spirit which rises above the earthly in its beauty. Be strong, my dear friend.

  2. A beautiful lily for a beautiful lady from I what I read. It is a blessing to have such people in one’s life. People who raise loving caring, kind children… I am so sorry for your and Steven’s loss. It’s hard…yes.
    Keep well Ellie, hugs your way.

  3. Thank you Ellie what a beautiful flower. For a beautiful lady. Just from what I knew of Trixie She was an amazing lady. Always enjoyed our chats. I too look forward to seeing her again. The flower reflects her bright sunny disposition always smiling always happy. It Has to be very hard for you and Steve not being able to be there but she knew through your conversations that you wanted to be.

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