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Pnk and Red Kalanchoe

Pink and Red Kalanchoe

So this wraps it up. This patch of pretty pink and red Kalanchoe flowers represents to me all of you, my dear friends and visitors who have been with me on this journey. Now this project is coming to a close. Every day for the past 534, I have enjoyed sharing with you all my collection of photographs of flowers, in the hopes of bringing you some cheer and briefly taking your minds off any worries and stresses in your lives. In doing so I have also briefly been focused on something other than my own cares and concerns, so perhaps we both have benefited equally. Thank you all for your continued and faithful support and encouragement. Your comments and notes to me have made me smile and brightened my day. I will still continue to share posts and photographs from time to time, so I hope to hear from you again when that happens. Until then, my friends, please take care and remember to look closely at the world you inhabit and enjoy the beauty that is around you. I send my love and a hug to you all. Flower a Day #534 View all posts on the Home page.  

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