Today we are indoors for our A Flower a Day, which is just as well, as with the temperatures we have had for the past few days it’s time to admire the beauty of my indoor plants. For some reason I thought I had posted a photograph or two of my kalanchoe plants. Every time I saw this photograph I passed over it until yesterday when preparing this post. I searched everywhere to find what I thought I had featured on here and there simply wasn’t one of these. I love these plants (I have 2 of them) and try to keep them flowering, which so far I have had success with. This red one is here seen lit by the sun coming in the window, looking so cheery and bright! I hope my almost forgotten and long overlooked kalanchoe brings you a bright spot to your day wherever you are! I send it with another hug to all, but especially to those missing family and friends now and maybe feeling alone. You are not. We are all still here. Together in this.

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  1. Today’s flower is a succulent that grows new cells on the inside of the petals to get them to open up and then does the same thing on the outside to get them to close. Pretty ingenious, don’t you think? Now, why they go to all that trouble is another question but I’m sure there is probably a good reason. I’m certainly glad that they open their petals because the result is this beautiful display that Ellie has shared with us today. Thank you, Ellie.

    1. Another fascinating insight into the intricacies of the functioning of the plant world! Thank you so much for the information and comment, Janet. Wait ’till you see tomorrow’s….:D Wonder what you will find about that one.

  2. It is lovely Ellie and so bright and cheery that’s what we need. so glad you were able to keep them blooming in your house. Thanks again for sharing

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