Ipswich Town Upside Down

Ipswich in reflection - Ellie Kennard 2016
Ipswich in reflection – Ellie Kennard 2016

When we lived in England, I spent a number of years working in the town of Ipswich, in Suffolk. In those days (1980’s) we tended to park a vehicle and walk around the friendly little town, both during the day and at night. The last time we were there, however, in September of 2018, we parked our car (at a very expensive rate) to walk to a restaurant in the town at night. There were 3 of us including my husband Steven, but even so we all felt so uncomfortable, so unsafe, that I resolved never to enter the town on foot again at night. The streets where we walked were in the same part we had known so well. But they were so different that it was as if we were in an entirely unknown town. Where was my friendly, familiar Ipswich?

As in this reflection, my perception of Ipswich was turned upside down. This photograph was taken during our visit of 2016 when, even then in the friendly daylight, I was marvelling at the fact that it looked totally unfamiliar.

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  1. How sad Ellie. It happens to us all at times but that does not help. I guess we can at least keep the good memories alive and Photos help .

    I am enjoying MeWe so thank you for introducing me. Still have not got the @ and the. # understood [slow learner!]

    Is it OK to put on a link to say youtube for a video?
    Yours Aye Bill

    1. You are right, Bill, it is good to keep the memories alive with our photos!
      I’m glad you’re enjoying MeWe, don’t worry, all the details will fall into place bit by bit. In the meantime I am so happy to see your photos again! It’s absolutely fine to put a link to a Youtube video (though on your own profile, not on the #joinindaily group, which is for photos, I’m sure you know that!). I will send this reply also to your email in case you don’t see my reply to yours!
      Your friend,

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