Hydrangea Arrangement

Hydrangea arrangement
Hydrangea arrangement

If you have ever wondered how I choose my Flower a Day photos for you, today’s post will give you an idea. There is no set rule as they are selected in various ways. Sometimes I just find one that I want to share because of a thought I had that fits that flower perfectly. At other times I look at the sequence of colours in the gallery and decide that I need a yellow one, as I did yesterday, or that I need to have a completely different type of image such as one of my fisheye round ones. Today’s is a bit different. It is a colour that is different from the last few, so that works, as well as being a grouping with more than one plant in it, rather than just a single bloom or spray of the same plant. When I took this photograph I almost deleted it as it seemed that the grouping didn’t fit the theme. But I just liked it – the tones, the flow and different textures, so I kept it. And here you have it. I hope you like what I have chosen for you today. Have a lovely day, my friends!

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  1. I think this selection fits just fine, Ellie. The hydrangea flower is a cluster of simple individual petal quartets which together make for a beautiful display. Today’s choice illustrates this superbly and is a excellent hydangea portrait. I adore the soft blue colour offset by the muted pinkish background. So lovely. The hydrangea petals are poisonous but the leaves can be made into tea. In Japan, this tea is used in the Buddha bathing ceremony on April 8th, thought to be Buddha’s birthday. In addition, you and I can influence the flower’s colour with additives to the soil which adjust its acidity. Who doesn’t love a hydrangea? Thank you, Ellie.

    1. I’m glad you approve Janet! Must remember the leaf tea idea, might give it a try myself. You are becoming a mine of plant information! Thanks again.

    1. I’m so glad that I posted a favourite of yours, dear Bev! I love mine, too. And dry as many as I can, including those from friends, to have them year round.

  2. Thanks again for sharing ellie. I do like the color of that hydrangea still captured some of the blue of the original flower. But just very subtle soft soothing colors which is what we need thanks again hope you have a good day

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