Goldenrod with Dingy Cutworm Moth

Canada Goldenrod with Dingy Cutworm moth
Canada Goldenrod with Dingy Cutworm moth

In the field next to us (also cultivated extensively by raccoons and skunks) grow lots of these cheery yellow goldenrod. As I have said more than once on this project, this plant is not responsible for your seasonal allergies, but frequently suffers unjustly from being blamed for it. For my part, I enjoy looking closely at it to view what visitors are drinking from the hundreds of tiny florets and on this occasion I wasn’t disappointed as I managed to get 2 to share with you today. The Dingy Cutworm moth looks like it was designed in the Art Deco period and is very unimaginately named “Dingy”. I have no idea what the tiny bug above it is, but thought he looked very smart in his striped red, white and black uniform. If anyone knows, please let me know and I will add it here on the post. So now you have homework, if you have time to spare and a more helpful insect identifying app than I do. I hope you have a bit of fun today, whatever you are doing. View all posts on the Home page.  A Flower a Day #368   

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  1. The goldenrod provides a lovely backdrop for both the not-so-dingy moth and that very colourful beetle whose markings are so interesting and distinctive. Even so, I cannot identify which bug it is which is, in itself, mystifying, given how singular they must be. Nonthelesd, let’s not let the small beetle steal the thunder from the cascade of gold which is the flower of the day. This year has been a great year for goldenrod. It is everywhere and towering over many of its meadow cohabitants, it’s so tall. The countryside is ablaze with its golden, gushing tumbling blooms. Thank you, Ellie, for featuring this sunny flower today.

    1. Thanks for trying to get the name for us, Janet. Jim couldn’t either, though he says he will keep looking. The Goldenrod is profuse here just now of course, too. Which is just as well as it provides something bright and cheery in these overcast, dull or rainy days. Thanks again.

  2. Neat looking little guy accompanying the art deco moth. gave it a preliminary ID as being in the “Lygaeus” genus. Not that I fully understand scientific naming. The colour isn’t right for that ID based on the various samples, but the patterns of colour is right.

    I’ll let you know if I get any further ID from the site.

    1. I thought he looked particularly dapper! And I had the same vague response when I checked with the iNaturalist app. Maybe someone else will recognise him. Thanks for that information which might trigger a name for another blog reader. Enjoy your day.

  3. It is lovely Ellie it’s really a beautiful looking flower when you get in close. It’s always nice to see the extra little visitors. Thanks for sharing hope you have a great day

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