There is a farm just down the road from me where, among other produce, the farmer sells flower bouquets on her roadside stand. I featured her Chinese asters for my anniversary posting, you might recall. She lets me wander among her beds and photograph the flowers, so here you see a gladiolus of hers. We had quite a bit of rain before this, so that normally upright, this gladiolus was beaten a little off straight, but still as lovely as ever. Steven’s granddad used to refer to these as ‘glads’ which is such a cheery name, so that’s what my post is titled. You don’t get a full bouquet today, but a single stem with several flowers, which is just as good. Have a lovely day, my friends. You can click or tap the image above to view in large in the gallery directly now, a new development on my posts. View all posts on the Home page.  A Flower a Day #381  

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