Deep Purple

Purple Lily
Purple lily

I love the rich dark purple of this lily and wanted to feature it today for Flower a Day – I seem to often feature lilies on a Saturday for some reason, though not exclusively. This photograph was also taken very early on in my project, in the garden of a friend, saved for a sumptuous treat for us all today! The sunlight was very bright in the heat of a late July day (remember that?) and so the contrast was extreme, but I wanted the lily and here we have it. It gives the feeling of being in a lovely shady glade, perhaps near a stream, sheltered from the intense heat, but where we can still hear the drone of bees nearby as they pollinate the tomato plants in his vegetable patch behind. Hold that thought. Until tomorrow my friends!

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  1. A very rich colour, fit for a queen…as it so happens purple symbolizes royalty, grandeur, independence, wisdom, extravagance, pride, creativity and many other things. So, this lily has exquisite taste in selecting this dress to put on, thereby demonstrating to the world that it is not just any lily, not your run-of-the-mill, everyday lily. No, this lily is special and I bet that it makes all who gaze upon it feel that way too. I know that’s how it made me feel. Thank you, Ellie, for making my day with this choice.

    1. What a perfect colour, in that case, Janet. I suspect it takes a strong character to carry it of as many would be overpowered by it. So the delicacy of the petals hides a hidden strength. Thanks for your comment and thoughts, my friend.

  2. It is beautiful Ellie. Always amazed by the colours and flowers. And the way the light shimmers off of the pedals. Thanks again for sharing it does brighten ones day.

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