Cuban Tobacco

Cuban Tobacco
Cuban Tobacco

This plant was given to me as a seedling by my neighbours so I didn’t know what to expect when it was in flower. I knew that they grew tall and that in theory the flowers had a nice perfume in the evening, so I planted them on either side of my kitchen window. I don’t think they have any scent, or at least I can’t detect any. Maybe, as they were grown for the leaves to make Cuban cigars, their fragrance was not considered important and it went by the wayside. Whatever the case, the flowers certainly are lovely and the plants grew tall and strong. Unfortunately the driving, torrential rain we had the other day (leftover from Ida) has beaten them onto the ground and I don’t see any way to restore them. I have a few shorter (slower growing) plants that might now come into bloom, but I am really glad I caught these before the storm. I hope you have a lovely day, my friends and I send a hug to you all. View all posts on the Home page.  A Flower a Day #361

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  1. I would never have associated tobacco with such a lovely bloom. This plant is a member of the nightshade family but I think is far prettier than some of the other nightshade flowers. However, whereas the blooms of the other members of its family are the usual focus, for this plant it’s the fragrant leaves that are in demand. I, for one, am delighted to learn of this well-kept (at least from me) secret. Thank you, Ellie, for letting that cat out of the bag.

    1. And I am delighted to share it with you, Janet. It’s just a bit of a shame that there is no perfume from these flowers, but the blooms are enough without. The leaves do take up most of the plant, as you might expect, which was, I suspect, its literal downfall in the storms. Thanks again, Janet.

  2. Thanks Ellie it is pretty. It is sad that the rain breasts them down so bad. Hope you have a good day and enjoy the Sun while we have it. Hugs to you and Steve.

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