Crimson Flax

Crimson flax
Crimson flax

I found this little lone beauty in my patch of wild flowers that I sowed a while back with the assistance of raccoons and skunks, you might recall. While there are some flowers (cornflowers among them) that are growing in multiples and whose photographs you will see on here in due course, this one grew alone. I hope it might continue next year and have more than one bloom. Still, I am happy to see it and be able to share it with you today. Enjoy your day, my friends. A Flower a Day #353 View all posts on the Home page.

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  1. Definitely crimson…will have to take the flax part on faith, since the little bloom is floating in the ether unattached to a stem, poor thing. At first glance, I thought it looked like a red version of the primrose from yesterday. It has that same simple beauty and pure innocence. No putting on airs here, which is just fine by me as I appreciate the simple things in life. Thank you, Ellie, for todays bloom.

    1. Thanks for accepting my identification here, Janet. It was impossible to get a better angle, but I did want to get some kind of a photo, though I admit not my best! Thanks again.

  2. I agree it is a very striking single Beauty. Certainly would attract your attention. I hope you have more next year thanks again for sharing. Hope you have a great day. Hugs to you and Steve.

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