Common Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose
Evening Primrose

It seems insulting to call this “Common” Evening Primrose. But partly because this is how it is ‘commonly’ known, commonly found around here at this time of year and partly to differentiate it from another ‘evening primrose’ post I have made on here, it seems the only thing to do. I can remember buying Evening Primrose Oil for years, many years ago, so I know it is a very useful plant. But also I remember almost as many years ago applying for a job at the factory near here where they manufactured this oil. The beauty and grace of the flower itself is enough for me to share another photo of it for you today, to wish you a day with sunshine that warms your hearts. View all posts on the Home page. A Flower a Day #352

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  1. Perhaps ‘ubiquitous’ would be better term than ‘common ‘ insofar as it can be found pretty much all over the western hemisphere. It’s simple beauty and sunny disposition belie the seriousness of it’s contribution to our species. So I, for one, am happy to have cross my path wherever and whenever it chooses. Thank you, Ellie, for your choice today.

    1. The perfect term, thank you Janet. We are alike in our joy in viewing the floral offerings – whether ubiquitous or rare – crossing our paths. I am glad we have a sunny one today, as the weather can’t be described in that way. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Love it. The shape of the petals and the light yellow colour. The slight contrast of green in the center of the flower.

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