Brown-Eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susan
Black-eyed / Brown-Eyed Susan

This lovely Rudbeckia hirta goes by two common names – Brown-Eyed Susan and Black-Eyed Susan. This is another success in my rewilding project, in a completely different part of the garden. I sowed a package full of drought resistant varieties there, and of all of the possible flowers, only these have grown. Obviously we didn’t have dry enough weather this year (which I can certainly confirm!) but these lovelies don’t seem to have minded the constant rain in the least. In fact their cheery faces seemed to fill their patch with tiny suns. If you need a ray of sunshine today, here is one to brighten your day. Have a lovely day, my friends. View all posts on the Home page.  A Flower a Day #360

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  1. Great capture, Ellie. This brown-eyed beauty seems to be boldly facing into the wind with confidence in her innate beauty and unique place in her world. May we all follow her example and meet our own situations with the same pluck. Thank you, Ellie, for giving us this model.

  2. I have some growing in the back. Not as many this year. They are a treat to see. They do brighten their surroundings. Thanks again.

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