Blue Hydrangea

Blue hydrangea
Blue hydrangea

I have to share this blue/purple hydrangea for A Flower a Day today. Partly this is because I just love these flowers and this colour in particular (as most of you know) but also because I appreciate that some of my viewers need more convincing as to why I feel they are so lovely. This year I actually managed to retain the blue colour in one bunch that I dried for winter display. I wish I remembered how I managed to achieve this result, so I can repeat it for next year, but I confess that I don’t recall doing anything differently from previous attempts. Sometimes I have to just be happy with how things turn out and not stress over the details of why or how. It’s hard for me (as some will know) but maybe at my age I am beginning to learn how to do this? If you can learn this earlier than I have, at 70, you will be happier for it! Have a lovely day everyone! To view the info and gallery…

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  1. Hydrangea perfection! The bloom in its prime – fresh and dewy, perky and eager to greet the day. And the colour, oh the colour…I just want to drown in it, immerse myself in its intense hue somewhere between blue and purple and all the gradations in between with the little veins capturing more of the colour than other parts of the petals. If there is a sight for sore eyes, this is it. Thank you, Ellie.

  2. Thanks Ellie it is a beautiful flower. I’m glad you were able to save one with the blue colour in it. I have never been able to accomplish that task. Guess one needs to just keep trying and somehow it will happen. Hope you have a great day.

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