Blue Chiffon

Rose of Sharon - Blue Chiffon
Rose of Sharon – Blue Chiffon

I have been looking forward to revisiting my photographs of this Rose of Sharon – Blue Chiffon for the Flower a Day for some time. It is most certainly one of my favourite flowers of this project so far and so today I get to indulge myself and you all by sharing this with you. The colour, delicacy and intricacy of these blooms are almost unparalleled in my collection and so I have no hesitation in posting a different flower* of this variety with you. You might recall that these plants were discovered in a Home Depot, hidden next to the lawnmowers and leaf blowers, at the end of the season. My main regret is that I didn’t buy this when I saw it. I can only hope that I will find another next year. In my opinion there can be no risk from an overdose of beauty, so I simply hope it serves to bring some joy into your day, wherever you may be, my friends.

*My previous photo of Blue Chiffon Rose of Sharon is here.

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  1. I’m with you, Ellie, in your love of the Rose of Sharon. I planted one of these at my previous home near the gate to the backyard between my house and my neighbours. It got lots of sun and was protected from the worst of the winds. It came into bloom every spring and kept producing the most splendid blooms all summer long and well into the fall. It was a wonderful greeting for those who came into the backyard from the outside. Since that was mostly me, I always revelled in its magnificence, stately elegance and its flourish of colour, a perfect companion to the clematises adorning the arbour inside the gate. Thanks for the happy memories.

    1. And thank you for sharing those memories, Janet! I really hope I can find one to plant here next year. Then to think where to plant it. I understand that it grows to a considerable size. Imagine a large plant covered in blooms like this, the way you describe! I can hardly wait. But now the snow.

  2. Thank you very much ellie. It is the most amazing flower. And to see a whole shrub or tree whichever it’s classed as in Bloom with that colour certainly takes your breath away. Love all the intricacy you can see in the middle of that flower, the different colors the texture the design. Thank you very much for sharing that one. Hope you have a great day


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