Spotted Bellflower

Spotte Bellflower or Campanula Punctata
Campanula punctata, Spotted bellflower

Lovely little bells in front of our local school. Our school bells were always way more aggressive than the delicate appearance of these. They looked so lovely in the evening light. The flower is a spotted bellflower or Campanula Punctata. I hope every one of my friends wherever you are has a lovely day – gentle on the mind, like this soft flower is gentle on the eyes.

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  1. Spotted Bellflower is the perfect name for this sweet little unassuming bloom, with its head shyly bowed. Gives me a warm feeling inside. Thank you for another superb find.

    1. Isn’t the name perfect? I passed them again on my final flower photo run and some were still there, hanging their heads, this time as if hunched against the cold. I’m glad you like this.


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