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The village has, with a lot of love and care, created a nature walk through woods that border our property. It has many little trails that twist and wind their way through the forest and along the edge of the fields. At one place, not too far from the school playground, there is an all weather fitness equipment area. (Take the 'all weather' bit with a pinch of salt, of course.) The purpose of this path is to encourage villagers to get outdoors and exercise themselves. There are projects for school children that are created around this path that include both exercise and learning experiences – today there were two groups of different ages, one using a GPS device, presumably to find their schoolmates we could just about hear in another part of the trail, the younger class children simply running along it.

From the outset this path was for those on non motorized forms of transport: feet, snowshoes, skis and even bicycles. Unfortunately there are no signs in place to indicate this restriction and the paths are being ruined by heavy fast two or four wheeled vehicles in winter and in summer. In the winter they form ruts that make it very difficult to walk along the trail. In the summer they can represent a hazard to walkers and their dogs. They also gradually are harming the roots of the trees that border the path. In time they will start to die back. The village has been unable to identify the infringers and have asked us to try to photograph them for identification. So here is one of them. 😀

Signs and a few strategically placed bollards would do a better job, I think.

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  1. I totally agree with your desire to get the motorized vehicles off the recreation paths. I've seen the destruction these vehicles cause, and they scare off the wildlife too.

    On another level, I really like your image, and it reminds me of Lady Godiva.

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