Yellow Tulips

Yellow Tulips
Yellow tulips

Although the earlier Spring flowers are not altogether finished, the tulips are in full bloom now. This row of yellow blooms are next to the road on our daily walk. The evening sun was just hitting these as we went by the other day and they looked so lovely! I was glad that I had my camera with me. In fact I never leave it at home now, ever since I spotted a lovely shot when I didn’t have it with me! Very annoying. I know I could have used the phone, but that is not a part of my project, so there was no point. In any case, the difference in the quality of the camera photos compared with the phone ones is enough to put me off using the phone except for a record. Or emergencies. And the phone camera is one of the best. It’s just not the same and of course my Helios lens is a major part of this project. Today with my hug I send this splash of sun to you all. Enjoy your Spring (or fall) day. A flower a Day #249

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  1. Hi Elllie and yes a nice splash of colour to start my day … However I need a jumper this morning as winter is coming here Down Under …. stay safe …

    1. Oh brrr! Thanks for the comment Len. Yes, we have a fire burning here as it’s cold here too. At least we’re heading in the right direction, towards the heat, where unfortunately you are having away from it. Keep warm, Len.

  2. The yellow of these tulips is so beautiful, Ellie, so rich. Like the most sumptious sunset, they both retain the light and radiate it outwards. Beautiful capture. Thank you, Ellie.

    1. Thank you very much Jim. I appreciate the comment. It’s not possible to control the lighting so I have to adapt to it. I’m glad you like it.

  3. Thanks Ellie they are lovely and definitely a splash of sunshine. Glad you had your camera with you. Thanks again for sharing hope you have a nice day. Hugs back to you and Steve

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