Yellow Kalanchoe

Yellow Kalanchoe
Yellow Kalanchoe

These brilliant yellow kalanchoe flowers surely would brighten the darkest corner, as if a spray of sunshine were sitting above the fleshy (and edible) leaves. We haven’t had much sun in the past few days, so I needed a bit of bright colour to lift my mood and warm the temperatures that have teasingly turned from warm and spring-like to suddenly cold again. The fire is lit once more and curtains drawn in the evening to keep the heat in. We know we are on the right side of winter, here in the Northern hemisphere, but I do wish the weather would not be as fickle as it has been just lately. I have a cure for it in this Flower a Day photo, which I send with my warm hugs to you all! Keep smiling, my friends.

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  1. The brightness of these Kalanchoe flowers matches the brightness outside here today. A bouquet of sunshine is what they are. Just gaze upon them and bask in the warm glow that emanates there from and know that sunny days are just around the corner. On the right side of winter, as you say, Ellie (although I love winter) but excited by the prospect of new things growing helped along by the yellow glow of the fiery globe, I embrace the change.Thank you, Ellie, for bringing it alive today.

    1. How I hope you are right and that we will get the brightness and warmth you are sending along from the West. I await anxiously for their arrival from around the corner. Yes, we are all aware that it can’t be long, though the crocuses have decided to keep themselves closed against the cold for that little bit longer. And little bit is what we all hope. Thanks Janet.

  2. Yes it is a beautiful bright sunny color Ellie. Love the shape of the petals the contrasting centers. We do need something to brighten our days and let us know that spring is close to coming in a physical way although according to the calendar it’s here. Warm hugs back to you.

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