World Daisy Day

Some Kind of Daisy

Some Kind of Daisy

UPDATE: See Below for the answer to the game:
Today’s fun is a guessing game. The different options for names for this flower ranged from Florist’s Daisy, Persian Daisy, Boston Daisy, African Daisy, China Aster, Cape Rain Daisy and Indian Chrysanthemum. I’ve taken a tour round the world in this, but none of the suggestions had that texture I see on the petals, nor the fine ends of where they meet the centre of the flower. Not one was actually in the aster family, not even the China one, which is why, although the titles say different daisies, I am not declaring this a World Wide Aster day. But you know, you can celebrate today if you want! Why not? Just choose a reason and celebrate. I’m going to celebrate today as being a World Daisy Tour day, though I know at least one will be calling it a Pink Flower Day!

Answer to the guessing game as supplied by my friend Janet, who has pointed out that this is, in fact, the Marguerite daisy, which IS, in fact, an aster, as it turns out! It is a native of the Canary Islands, so here we have one more country on the itinerary for today!

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