Working Horses for Farm Friday!


This pair of draught horses was in a field not far from where we live. The older one was quite protective of the younger so they both came over to see what I was up to. Not many people use horses for working the land any more, but they do a great job of pulling timber out of woods that are inaccessible to vehicles in winter. They are light on the land compared to tractors, non polluting, quiet, willing and companionable and can help produce their own food. It is too bad they are not a common sight except at farm fairs.

Remember that tomorrow is the day for one of our favourite themes, #farmfriday+Farm Friday curated by myself, +Steven Kennard , +Susanne Stelle and +Alessia De Bonis (we are an international team, so we can view your farming images almost around the clock!). Don't forget to post your farm themed photographs – animals, landscapes, buildings, equipment etc. We are all looking forward to seeing them.

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  1. What beauties! And love your thoughts, +Ellie Kennard. The industrialization of farming has many consequences, and what is saddest to me is that the promise of industrialization–namely, feeding the world–has not transpired. People still starve, even as we ravage the land with industrialized farming.

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