Happy Feet

There are reasons to believe that having bare feet on the ground (earth, sand grass etc.) without any man made substance to come between is an important way to become 'grounded' and to disperse the electrical energy that we are absorbing all day from the appliances and gadgets and wiring that surround us even when we don't see them. I know that after walking on the beach, with our bare feet getting sandy, muddy or wet from the salt water, we all feel refreshed and energized, even sleeping better. For that reason I tend to believe that this recommendation is worth following whenever we can. 

I liked one of the comments on my original posting, made by +Jasbir S. Randhawa and so I have borrowed it for the title of this image. Originally posted for #wordlessonwednesday , the image had no title, no caption and no text with it (to comply with the 'rules'). I have to say that I also liked some of the other comments which would have made an excellent title, such as "6 feet, not quite under' by +John Ashton.

These were, indeed, happy feet, feet belonging to friends on a walk on the beach which has some areas of lovely reddish sand. The fourth set of happy feet which are missing from the scene are the four belonging to Joni, our dog, as she was, no doubt, running along the shore with her ball in her mouth at the time this was taken.

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  1. Thanks to all who commented on my wordless post yesterday. I have today posted my comment, with a title provided by +Jasbir S. Randhawa from his comment and a tip of the hat to +John Ashton, whose was also worthy of being a title or caption for it.

    +Christina Lihani – if you read the posting now attached to it, you will see how right you are (and why you are right) to feel you need it. 😀

    +Maria H Thomaz – interesting thought.

    +Liz C 🙂 and if you also read the comment you will understand maybe why it felt so good!

    +Ursula Klepper – I have always had weird toes like that. They are sort of double jointed. But they are as relaxed as it gets when I stand on them! You are welcome to come to our sandy beaches as soon as you can, but you know that!

    Thank you, +Sunny Wu 

    Thanks a lot, Sumit.

    Thank you +Mari Luukkonen – and fun it was to do. 😀

    Thanks +Jasbir S. Randhawa and you got the title of the posting!

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