Wintering Seedheads

Seedheads waiting winter out
Seedheads waiting winter out.

Today’s Flower a Day photograph (best viewed large) is another taken of a plant I don’t know in this stage of its life. I was wandering through woods on the other side of the province a week ago, alone with my camera and I came across these. I almost passed them by without noticing, you know how easy it is to do that? They just looked brown and dead. When I looked up close I was absolutely amazed at the intricacies and delicacy within these hanging bundles. They were filled with what looked like tiny stars within swirling galaxies. I have no idea what lovely flowers gave way to this, but perhaps one of my readers can enlighten me. No search turned up an answer. But the name doesn’t matter. The beauty is there. I hope you find it equally pleasing and with it I send my hugs and best wishes to all who read this!

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  1. I believe you’ve found a phragmite in its end of season state. It’s a wild grass. Not a very pretty moniker for something that looks like angel hair with stardust in it and wrapped in magical cobwebs. There’s much on offer here to let one’s imagination run wild on a dull day with the brooding sky threatening snow. It shows me that even the frail and delicate can be strong when they band together. Another wonderful lesson from the plant world. Thank you, Ellie.

    1. Aren’t you a great plant sleuth, Janet? I don’t know if you are correct, but it could very well be. This was not near any wetlands or even water, but that’s not to say that it hadn’t strayed to be where I found it. And I love your thoughts on this, too. It does resemble angel hair and stardust! Thanks again, Janet! I’m expecting the snow tomorrow, so will hope to come up with something bright and cheery for then, too!

  2. Good morning Ellie you can see colour and design in it that reminds you of the intricate design on cobwebs and spider webs – I should say all woven together to form a lovely pattern. Thanks and hugs to you today as well.


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