Winter Sunrise

January Sunrise
January sunrise

Sometimes the light in the winter in Nova Scotia has a special quality to it. This no doubt has to do with the contrasts of snow, blue sky, dark branches, the moisture in the air and the position of the sun. Whatever the reason for it, at those particular times you are happy if you are able to catch it in a photograph as it is fleeting. This was taken at 8:30 in the morning, facing Northwest, with the sun coming up behind me on my right. I took another photo here fewer than 30 seconds after this one and that unique quality had gone. This old maple is, as regular readers will know, my favourite tree in the garden, which always seems to star in so many of my home landscapes. For those reading the other post being published today (link here), the lilies in that post are just to the left of this tree, behind and up on that little bank that you see.

You can see the photo in full size on my landscape gallery here.

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  1. It was this photo, Ellie, which inspired me to post another of my Winter Wonder Walk series. The light in winter most certainly has a unique quality (and not just in Nova Scotia) and must be captured whenever possible. Good catch and thank you, Ellie, for this inspirational bonus photo.

    1. I’m so pleased that my image inspired your post, Janet! What a compliment that is, as your post and image are lovely! Thank you, my friend.

  2. What a great capture Ellie. It really is amazing how the light reflects off the snow and the trees – it really lift your spirits thanks for sharing

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