Winter Roads


I was having a chat with my friend +Alexa KH the other day and said that I was about to go out, though the visibility was poor because of the snow. I thought as I wasn't driving (!!) I would take the camera to show just what I meant by blowing snow on the roads. It wasn't actually snowing at that point (I don't think, it's not easy to tell sometimes) but the drifting snow makes it hard to see the edges of the road and builds up drifts that can go right across the road. You can see that the snow isn't even very deep. Ah, the joys of a Canadian winter! 🙂

My winter loving friends at #PhotoManiaCanada+Giselle Savoie +Mark HELM
#winterwednesday by +Antoine Berger +Logan Miller
#hqsplandscape +HQSP Landscape curated by +Michael Garza +Leo Schubert +David D +Jesse Martineau +Mike Hankey +Peter Marbaise +Albert Vuvu Konde
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  1. I do recall such beauty and clarity…and lots of sparkles I think freezong pulls particulates out of the air. I bet you could get some awesome Milky Way shots in such conditions 🙂
    I am spoiled, and prefer to always have 4wd, but then sometimes drive where most won't dare go 😉

  2. No 4×4, just very good winter and ice tires. What I love is the weather which freezes the nose hairs of those who have them (as Steven tells me). When the sun shines on such cold day, there are little sparkles in the air, which is another lovely phenomenon. +D Stuart

  3. Worst I ever saw was in Wyoming with 50-60 mph gusts. Not snowing, just moving it from one county to another.
    I got to see frozen fog once too. It glitters in the headlamps. Pretty pea soup 🙂
    Hope you have 4×4 🙂

  4. I remember this stuff! So glad to see it from a distance 😉
    I absolutely love how everything fades into the distance. Beautiful.

    Good to see you out and about, Alexa 🙂

  5. +Glen Schlueter – I can tell you know it well! 😀
    +Jacqueline Hodsdon – thanks a lot, Jacqueline.
    Too scary for me to drive, you are right, Christina. Thanks for the comment, 🙂 +Christina Lihani
    +Sumit Sen – maybe like an alien country to you, though maybe in the mountains you can get similar scenes, Sumit?
    +Rob Patterson – you have indeed, and worse, I am sure. As have I!
    +Sofie Løve Forsberg – thank you so much, dear Sofie. I'm glad you like it.
    Alexa, I wanted it specially to show you. No, the snow isn't really deep at all at the moment. 🙂 +Alexa KH
    It was, thanks a lot, +Jamie White

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