Winter Fog

Winter Snow Fog
Winter snow in the fog

The other day, rain brought fog over the snow and it reminded me of these photographs taken early last year. I know I seem to dislike the winter’s lack of flowers, but the snow and even the cold brings a different beauty to the landscape. The fog gives a dreamy quality to the snowy landscape that I really love, though we seldome see it. This is one of my favourite trees in our garden, so old and almost completely rotten, so not likely to be here for much longer, but the branches are so beautiful against the Northern sky. And those footsteps…. whose are they?

The photograph below was taken at the same time, of much younger trees in the field facing East, just starting off their lives in our often harsh climate. This part of the sky looks completely different! I hope you enjoy this bonus post in the midst of our pandemic and Flower a Day regular postings. Just for a change.

Snowy foggy field
Snowy foggy field

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    1. Maybe one day, Len… if only travel were permitted… and if only it were more predictable. I have other lovely snowy ones from a week ago, (wait for those) but rain is forecast for this week, it could all be gone. Still white outside at the moment, though, at -7. Thanks Len.

  1. Fog, in any season, is a photographer’s friend, I think. It softens the landscape and the light, as these two photos illustrate. It adds mystery and makes the colours richer somehow and it provides a muted background against which foreground objects can stand out. Fog in winter just accentuates these features and is remindful of the gentle snowfall it could be instead. Thank you, Ellie, for this lovely reminder.

    1. I’m so glad you like this, Janet as you say fog is a favourite of us photographers for all of the above reasons. You know the tree and the setting well. One day it will all look different, when this tree finally succumbs. There is a family of raccoons that lives right up inside the trunk which is almost completely hollow now. when we came here and for the first few years that we lived here, there was a wonderful old rope tire swing hanging from one of the branches. Children loved to swing on it until one day that branch broke. No children were harmed, but that was the end of the tire swing.

  2. Glad it was a warm fog, not like the cold “fogs” I experienced out west with car exhaust etc forming ground fog on firgid mornings

  3. I love the way the light captures that tree. It is a beautiful majestic tree that has a lot of history. And I love the way those footsteps in the snow invite you to walk on into the fog thanks for sharing it is a beautiful picture

    1. Thanks Linda! That tree is so special, I am glad it still hangs in there. One of these days it will be gone, but that light certainly did make it look majestic and beautiful against the snow. And the fog had such a special effect too.

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