Wild Strawberry Flowers

Wild Strawberry Flowers
Wild Strawberry Flowers

This is the first year that I have noticed how many tiny wild strawberry plants there are, all along the path by the woods where we walk. They are so small that they don’t suffer from the mower that passes overhead, though some must get crushed by the wheels. The amount of delectable food to be found along that path, free for the taking is wonderful. One memory I have from last year was of seeing the children of the area, out for a walk with friends or parents, picking the wild blackberries they found along the path and cramming them into their mouths! I don’t know why that would make me feel so happy, but it did. First of all they were outside, walking, not stuck inside in front of a computer screen or gaming console. Also they were enjoying some natural healthy food, straight from the bush. It’s not easy getting blackberries, as the brambles don’t give up their fruit easily, but fight back with their thorns. So the kids have to work at it, which is no bad thing. But what really attracted me was their joyous laughter as they foraged. I hope they get to the wild strawberries and have as much fun finding and eating them as they do the blackberries. Enjoy your day my friends, with whatever good things might come your way. A flower a Day #251

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  1. I love wild berries – whatever their colour. They are guaranteed to be sweet and juicy, if their growing conditions are right for them. I can be sent out to collect them for pies, jams, jellies or compote, but I have yet to return a single berry in a container of any sort. They always return in my stomach accompanied by wide juice-stained smirk on my face. I can’t help it if they are irresistible and besides, in my opinion, no altered state can provide a taste better than it’s natural wild one. These sweet little white flowers are the harbinger of a treat to come, although the fruits of wild strawberries are often very small, but oh, so very sweet too. Thank you, Ellie, for bringing my flavoursome memories to ‘fruit’ion.

    1. I have such a happy mental picture of your face and hands stained with the juice of all kinds of wild berries, that alone was worth the post! Thanks for the lovely comment, Janet. Enjoy the fruits of the season as they ripen. 😀

  2. I have to agree Ellie it is a real treat to find those berries along your walk. Especially close to the end of your walk when you need a little extra energy. The sweet tastes. Plus you get to enjoy the beauty of the flower before the fruit is produced. Thanks again hope you have a lovely day.

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