Wild Plum Blossoms

Wild Plum Blossoms
Wild Plum Blossoms

At the top of our garden we have a lovely old wild plum tree that Steven pruned and tidied up a couple of years ago. The other day I was wandering around with my camera and saw that this tree was full of blossoms. The branches are dark and covered with lichen which makes the blossoms stand out beautifully against them. We do get plums from the wild trees around us, so with the heavy blossoms this year I really hope we have a good crop. They’re so delicious, though small, as they are lovely, warm and sharp sweet when you pick them with the sun on them. We had a fairly hard frost a couple of days ago, after I took this, but I hope it didn’t suffer too much. Time will tell. At least we have had a good amount of bees around to pollinate them. Is there any season more rich with promise than a Canadian – Nova Scotian – Spring? You can practically stand and watch things growing in front of you. Enjoy your day, friends. I send you all a bear hug! A flower a Day #248

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  1. It’s good to see the blossoms of the fruit trees represented in your post again, Ellie. The fruit trees around me are chock-a-block full of blossoms. There are cherry, crabapple, pear, apple – those are the ones I can identify – and from what I can see there is no way to single out a couple of flowers on these trees like you have here. They are all a blur of colour from deep burgundy through various hues of pink to white. Perhaps it’s because they need pruning and being more ornamental than provisioning, the blooms grow very densely. Whatever the reason, the sight is beautiful and the scent is intoxicating. Thank you, Ellie, for bringing to the fore the individual blooms of the plum tree.

    1. Now I really wish even more that I could visit you! What fun we would have with our cameras and those gorgeous blossoms! It sounds a paradise. Thanks for making me so jealous of all of your beautiful ones. Thanks Janet.

  2. Lovely photo Ellie. Flowers do stand out against the dark branches. And the bright orange stamen stands out against the white flour. Hope to taste some of the plums this year. Hugs back at you hope you have a great day.

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