White and Yellow

White and Yellow Narcissus
White and Yellow Narcissus

The white petals on this lovely narcissus are almost transparent, so delicate, truly diaphanous. These are also in our garden, although beginning to finish now, making way for the tulips (watch this space). As we make our way through the Spring flowers, each colourful carpeting or simple single flower brings delight in its own way. This sunny beauty is sent to warm and bring happiness to my friends who are perhaps under a rain cloud – physical or otherwise. Hugs to all. A flower a Day #243

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  1. Nature is the best artist, combining shapes, colours and textures in perfect balnce. This narcissus is just
    such an example. Every successful artist has taken lessons from this master but not every artist can match her skill. But in the study of her works, our appreciation grows. Narcissus is aptly named. Thank you, Ellie, again.

    1. You are so right! So many of these flowers are works of art by the greatest Artist! We can only be in awe and, as you say, grow in our appreciation. Thanks for the reminder, Janet. I hope I did this little beauty justice.

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