While waiting and in memory

Some of my friends have recently lost loved ones, so thinking of them and their sadness at this time, I wanted to give them, even if only virtually, some of the dahlias from our garden. If they had lived nearby I would have taken them the actual flowers. These are for Prue, for Cynthia and for Amaya and for everyone else who might be feeling the loss of a friend or family member.

I am planning to share a few posts on a different theme from my usual ones on here, in hopes that they will be of interest to my present readers. I have been giving some thought as to how to do this, but I felt that I wanted to share some of the beauty of our garden with special friends and all who visit. They come with my love and thoughts for you all.

This fiery streaked and almost ragged looking flower has a warmth and a wildness that really appealed to me.

Dahlia flower - Ellie Kennard 2017
Dahlia flower – Ellie Kennard 2017

And a dahlia in waiting, teasing us, only partly unfurling, as if shy to show herself, the first to bloom on this new plant.

Coming soon, dahlia in waiting - Ellie Kennard 2017
Coming soon, dahlia in waiting – Ellie Kennard 2017

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  1. Thanks, Ellie! I recently lost my sister which makes two sisters within ten months 🙁 I love dahlias and definitely needed a pick-me-up. Your orange dahlia is gorgeous!
    Thank you again,

    1. I am so glad if this made you smile in your present sadness, Sharon. And I was so sorry to hear about your loss of your sisters and both in such a short time. I send you warm hugs along with the dahlias. XO

    1. Dearest Cynthia, I’m only sad that we weren’t nearer to you. The internet does allow us to keep in touch, but it doesn’t have the same way of comforting that a hug or a shared cup of tea and a gift of a real bouquet of flowers from our garden does. At least we do have it and these photos of the flowers won’t fade, at least! Love to you.

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